Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing, especially secondary confirmatory testing, plays a vital role in the accuracy and reliability of drug testing processes.

Point of Care Testing

Point of Care Tests (POCT) are a screening method that provide instant results from biological samples provided by a donor, such as urine or oral fluid.

Sample Collection

When using JFK Medicals-approved collectors, you are deploying our chosen, vetted, fully trained professionals in urine, oral fluid and alcohol sample collection;

Reliable testing,

when you need it,

where you need it


Point of Care Testing

Convenient and efficient on-site urine and oral fluid testing services, tailored to your needs.


Sample Collections

Benefit from our nationwide reach, providing professional sample collection services anywhere in the UK.


Trust our advanced equipment for immediate, precise results in detecting alcohol consumption.

Breath Alcohol Testing


Blood Borne Virus

Comprehensive screening for timely detection and management of blood-borne viruses.

Supported Housing

Supporting abstinent and non-abstinent projects.

Criminal Justice

Upholding drug testing requirements in prison environments.

Mental Health Services

Maintaining a safe environment for patient’s mental wellbeing.

Featured Industries

Railway Network

Ensuring passenger safety every step of the way.


Maintaining safe and productive construction sites.

Logistics and Warehousing

Driving safety from warehousing to distribution centers.