Rapid Turnaround

‘For Cause’ testing available, response time within 2 hours of taking the call


Specific Testing

Urine, Oral fluid, and Breath testing available culminating in over 15 different collection appointment options, customised completely to your needs and industry.


National Reach

Testing across the UK with options available for every environment including the Isle’s and Islands.

Ensuring Precision in Sample Collection

When using JFK Medicals-approved collectors, you are deploying our chosen, vetted, fully trained professionals in urine, oral fluid and alcohol sample collection; specifically for the purpose of drug and alcohol analysis. This reduces errors and allows your organisation to keep drug and alcohol testing completely external to other everyday activities.

Railway Network

Ensuring passenger safety every step of the way.


Maintaining safe and productive construction sites.

Logistics and Warehousing

Driving safety from warehousing to distribution centers.

Facilities Management

Ensuring safety and good conduct within your operations.